Build compatible relationships with the right people to grow your business with predictability.

  • Drive employee engagement, revenue and profit. Create sustainable and predictable growth for your business.
  • We use neuroscience + LinkedIn + CRM tools to drive B2B growth and ROI.
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About us

Areas Where We Helped Our Clients

  • Growth strategy and sales

    Attract compatible clients, employees, business partners, investors and investment opportunities using our neuroscience methodology.

  • HR strategy and employee engagement

    Business owners, coaches, consultants, VCs and angel investors work with us to predict & build compatible B2B relationships with the right people.

  • Leadership support and consulting

    Predict outcomes of social interactions, increase engagement by verbalising unconscious social needs, and reflect your ideal client`s thought patterns and emotions through daily B2B communication.

Our Methodology

Benefits of Using Our Methodology

Attracts clients

Present a clear picture of you and your business that attracts compatible clients, employees, business partners, investors and investment opportunities.

Social Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the most important parts of any business to business relationship. We will predict your social compatibility to ensure everything goes smoother.


You will never write the same message twice! Whoever the client is, we offer personalization of all messages without the need of copy-pasting the same one over and over. That way, your clients get a unique "life like" communication from your side.

Accelerate relationships

You cannot work with everyone. With some clients, the chemistry will just be more fluid, and we will find those clients for you. We will accelerate all of your relationships and make sure you and your clients are compatible.

Time Saving

Save time and money by focusing on the right type of contacts and recognising incompatible profiles sooner.

Our 5-Step Neuroscience Methodology:

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