What you can get:

Market Research

Clear & relevant consumer insights about desired target market instead of buying ineffective contact databases. You will learn how to put yourself in the shoes of your customer 🙂

Building ICP

Ideal/compatible customer persona when we know the pain points, needs and challenges that drive his/her behavior.

B2B Positioning

More credibility & authority by optimizing your LinkedIn profile & all B2B channels. LinkedIn is the first thing people check before meeting you!

Content & Engagement Strategy

We create & share content that resonates with your audience and attracts leads. You engage with compatible connections to start meaningful conversations which increases your reputation.

CRM & Tech Stack Setup

Centralize all your marketing & sales contacts on a cloud CRM solution which is connected to your LinkedIn account, email or other tools. MUST HAVE in 2023. We're big fans of HubSpot and Pipedrive.

Sales Conversion & Deal Negotiation

Turn MQL or SQL into paying customers.
Send proposals that convert. Close deals that are win-win for you and your client using the principle of equality in communication.

B2B Sales/HR Funnel

Clear messaging on how to reach your audience. Outreach strategies on attracting leads directly and sparking their interest in what you do. Mapping phases of the sales process from connection to closing a deal.


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