Optimization of social selling and prospecting on LinkedIn

About the client:

Ciklopea is an industry-specific provider of linguistic solutions enabling companies to reach, engage and support global clients and customers. Their language products have been developed to accommodate the specific requirements, dynamics, and prospects of the life sciences, IT & software, and technology and manufacturing industries.

Company website – https://ciklopea.com/about/.


Company details:
Translation & Localization, Croatia (headquarters)
Clients – Europe, 7-figure revenue



Determining a concrete strategy for digital B2B sales & sales tech stack.

LinkedIn & CRM, and other sales tech stack are not integrated – sales prospecting and social selling on LinkedIn require optimisation.

Lack of lead qualification system and awareness for maximizing existing network of contacts.



Creating & implementing a B2B sales process that discovers the blue ocean market, ideal buyer persona and communication sequence.

Integrating LinkedIn & HubSpot CRM and other sales tech stack to create more effective sales prospecting and social selling on LinkedIn.

Company co-owner and sales team have a clear lead qualification system in place with an awareness of maximizing the potential of an existing network of contacts.


Impact On Company Growth:


Ciklopea got clear direction on how to set up & organize their existing B2B sales by using existing resources and potential in the sales pipeline.

More importantly, company owners and sales team have a clear direction on how to continue with sustainable & predictable B2B growth.


Point of contact:
Mladen Stojak, Ciklopea co-owner, mladen.stojak@ciklopea.com

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