Established digital presence & HR system within 6 months

About the client:

White Raven IT is a consultancy firm which uses an independent advisory approach, our proven industry expertise and a fully customer-centric focus to help with cost reduction and effective risk mitigation for IT vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM), cybersecurity services and solutions.


Company website –


Company details:

IT Consulting & IT Services, Belgium (headquarters)
Clients – Europe, 6-figure revenue



Positioning founder`s and company`s presence on LinkedIn to attract compatible young HR talent.

Transforming HR process that relied solely on referrals and direct operational involvement from company founders.



Improving the founder`s personal LinkedIn profiles company page by communicating their unique selling points, the credibility of client portfolio and the secret sauce behind their work.

Consulting that triggered a consistent habit of using employer branding/content marketing on personal LinkedIn profiles and company page for attracting young talent.


Impact On Company Growth:

Within 7 months of implementing a solution, the team doubled in size.
More importantly, improved LinkedIn presence, employer branding/content marketing, and HR system support sustainable growth.


Point of contact:
Raf De Backer, White Raven IT co-founder,

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