How Does Analyzing Current Sales & HR Data Enable Biz Growth?

Today’s shared belief – let’s do market research from scratch to define how to find new clients, employees or investment opportunities. 

What happens, then? 

Biz owners, consultants, coaches, and VC analysts will spend hours and weeks reviewing industry reports and tone of data to create a 20-30 page strategy outlining the best approach to start sales, HR or investment process. 

What happens next?

Sales – buying contact lists, using automation tools and copy paste messages. 

HR – creating a random list of candidates, creating one message and sending it to people. 

Investment world – checking 100s of startup presentations, using fancy financial prediction models to find a new unicorn. 

As a connector, my perspective is different. 

Instead of spending hours on research that doesn’t have long-term profitability, my/our focus is on understanding client’s current sales & HR & investment data. 

In practice, this means:

  • Getting from the client specific insights into his social talents, what values are essential for him in biz relationships, what interests he has, what principles are vital for him that other people need to respect when working with him
  • Asking a client to provide a list of all relevant people who referred business/employees/investment opportunities to his company 
  • Getting access to the current portfolio of clients/employees/investments
  • Seeing prior communication between those people and our client to see what worked messaging-wise to generate revenue

After 20-25 days of analyzing this data using our neuroscience methodology, we start to see social patterns:

  • Profile of a person that our client is most compatible with
  • Industry, location, company size, and team structure that help with classic demographic elements for creating the ideal buyer/referral persona
  • Specific communication triggers and topics that created initial bonds and business collaboration later

What happens, then?

  • We share our findings with the clients and advise how to initiate a conversation with his existing network of contacts to trigger leads/HR candidates – we maximise the current social capital the client has
  • We start new connections and conversations with new people who are compatible with social patterns & insights we found in the prior phase. 

We see how AI and machine learning creates innovation in many sectors now. 

The same is happening in consulting, biz growth, and investment sector. 

Using existing data, seeing patterns and finding faster ways to deliver results works. 

If you want to build a lovely house, start with a solid foundation, not the roof. 

I like to start with a solid foundation.

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