How To Let Go Of Non-Profitable Clients & Prospects & Partners?

I was avoiding writing this newsletter edition for the last 2 weeks. 

We started to get new clients from the newsletter and content we share on my LinkedIn profile. 

So, this makes me proud because our new strategy provides clear ROI after just 4 weeks.

But a strange thing happened – it took some time to accept it, find ways how to adjust to the newly found success and continue with what I/we have started. 

This is why I focus solely on helping my clients with sustainable biz growth. 

It is not just important to find clients. 

The key is to find compatible ones while developing inner social skills on how to handle the growth which is happening. 

Biz growth can be enjoyable if we see it that way vs feeling pressure on how to deal with this. 

The biggest challenge I had with making biz growth enjoyable during July for myself was letting go of a really good friend in my personal life. 

He started to become quite toxic with his mental and energy state for me. 

This came to the point where I could feel the tension & heavy energy in my body during conversations with him or on simple thoughts of him. 

Communicating this was not easy. Especially since he was my best friend for a couple of years. 

However, when you become crystal clear on what you want to achieve, and what type of energy you want to have and feel in your life, changes need to happen. 

Nobody will achieve your goals except you. 

My friend of course didn`t take this well. 

For the first couple of days, I felt okay. 

But when I needed to write this newsletter energy I felt in my social environment caused procrastination, avoidance and running away. 

It was painful to a certain extent close that part of my life, accept the fact that this is over and accept better things which already started to happen. 

The reason I`m sharing this is to show a clear pattern we all heard – your biz is a reflection of your personal life. 

This means that if you want to let go of not-so-profitable clients, prospects and partners you first need to see what people or things you need to let go of in your personal life. 

The social brain and your body remember conversations & relationships where emotions were present. 

Emotions are energy in motion. 

When you manage to find a way how to let go of non-compatible emotions & relationships in your personal life, repeating the same process in business becomes easier because biz relationships are less emotional than our personal relationships. At least you should see it that way.

Read this sentence 1 once more. 

It will create a new neural connection in your social brain. 

It should make you think. 

For situations similar to mine which affects your biz life, the best way how you can let go of something/someone after you tried everything you could think of is:

  • Complete distance from that person online and offline
  • Forgive – forget – let go exercise (more info below)
  • Accept that this person and situation will come back to you mentally & emotionally sometimes because there are lessons you need to learn over time
  • Learn how to transform tension and heavy energy you feel into harmony and relaxed energy

The best way to do it is to forgive – forget – let go of exercise when you feel tense and have heavy energy from another person.

It is quite simple:

  • Sit where you feel comfortable. Put your hands on your knees, and close your eyes. 
  • Ask yourself what I need to forgive to the person who caused this?
  • Ask yourself what I need to forgive myself?
  • Ask yourself why should I forgive & forget this?
  • Ask yourself if I let this go, what better things will come to my life?

Voila, after 5 minutes you should feel relaxed and harmonious. 

You learnt how to let go of non-compatible things and people in personal life & business within 15 minutes vs losing weeks and months into books, videos and pure theory.

It took 16 days to write this newsletter edition. 

Thx for reading it. 

See you in the next one.

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