Social Triggers + Personalized Video = Genuine Connection With People On LinkedIn

Let`s start noticing all conscious & subconscious triggers in your daily communication which affect all social interactions in your life.

Hundreds of social triggers which you experience daily when interacting with other people impact the results of your social relationships. 

When your “intuition” says that you feel comfortable in someone’s presence and company or opposite when you think of some idea which can`t be explained with logical reasons, for most people this will be a mysterious thing. Because ordinary opinion is that intuition is something that can not be explained. 

Every topic you speak about with somebody, or social media activity you see about somebody will serve as a trigger to help you better understand internal feelings, emotions, needs and social patterns in communication that another person has. As a consequence, your mind aka “intuition” will tell you how you feel in the company of somebody else. 

When you accumulate hundreds of triggers and enough information in your mind, you will get a “six sense”/”hunch” for predicting which person is compatible with a specific type of relationship you are building.

When you connect with someone for business purposes on LinkedIn each conversation has a clear trigger(s) for why you are speaking with that person. Challenge is that many people don`t become aware of this so conversations start on a general note which leads nowhere in the long run. 

Types of triggers are mostly:

  • Post person shared on the LinkedIn profile or other social media profiles
  • Activity person had on LinkedIn (likes, comments) or other social media profiles
  • Company posts and activity on LinkedIn or other social media channels where a person works
  • Website (about us page, company history, blogs…) of the company where a person works
  • All other relevant and concrete online activities people did on the internet (blog posts person wrote, comments on forums, other blogs, interviews…)
  • The feedback you receive about that specific person from your network of contacts if you ask for it
  • Any offline experience of meeting and/or speaking with that specific person f2f which helps to build initial rapport

It’s CRUCIAL to become crystal clear on what type of relationship you want to have with another person based on initial impressions from triggers you have seen. If you don’t know this at the start, that`s also okay. This is why doing research is there. 

In a business context, there are 2 types of outcomes initially you can create when using insights gained from social triggers: 

  • Triggers that offer a clear fit for possible collaboration – you comment/engage on a specific trigger and when the proper time comes send a message with a clear possibility for cooperation.
  • Personal triggers that do not offer a clear case for collaboration right away – you comment/engage on specific triggers and when the proper time comes send a message to build a personal rapport with another person. 

How does personalized video enter into the equation?

Ordinary practice on LinkedIn nowadays when sending messages after connecting with someone is to:

  • Use bots to send copy-paste messages
  • Have 1 template message and then just change the person and company name before sending it
  • Send a general message where you compliment a person`s experience or something else which is a little better but still not fully engaging
  • Send a personalized short video using the LinkedIn app/personalized text message with something which caught your attention about possible challenges a person has which opens doors for presenting your service/product – quite good

I will give you the 5th and, in my humble opinion, the best way to build a long-term relationship with someone. 

Use Loom to verbalize specific social triggers you see on a person`s LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn company page where a person works, team structure, website, or other online presence to share the following:

  • What resonated with you 
  • What do you like about the work of that person/company he/she works at
  • What specific things you can conclude about their current biz needs by analyzing social triggers you found through your research
  • What are specific areas in which you could help fulfil those biz needs with your ideas, suggestions and advice?

Video can last from 1 to 12 minutes on average depending on what you find during research. 

Here are a couple of examples I did:

  1. Character fit which resulted in direct collaboration –
  2. A clear fit for direct collaboration –
  3. Strategic partnership –
  4. Giving value with no hidden agenda behind –
  5. Deeper analyses of the company team structure to provide an action plan for future growth –

Even if the other person doesn`t see this right away and/or doesn`t respond back this just means the timing is not right. 

Something more urgent is a higher priority. 

Focus on other people and other things in your business. 

Go back on this when you feel the right timing for it to follow up and ask for feedback. 

Either person will say right away let`s book a call to explore possible collaboration or he/she will have deep trust in you as a professional on LinkedIn. 

Then something good will happen in the future. 

Either direct collaboration or referral. 

Enjoy, this can truly change your lead gen/client acquisition/sales if you apply it 🙂


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